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The venture proposes for delivery only products of domestic manufacture which includes the complete cycle of manufacturing articles from the direct raw material purchase in quarries to assemblies “turnkey” at the entity. The used raw material corresponds to all hygienic standards and requirements and passes the necessary certification.

The manufacture is carried out according to the customer’s draft designs. Modern stone-working equipment allows to control the quality of raw material and finished products on the whole stage of production. The venture specialists take regular courses of training and in-depth training abroad.

The venture carries out the following types of products:

  • slabs and modular plates and to order sawn, polished, heat-treated, bush hammer-worked, aged plates;
  • profiled articles of any complexity, as well as of very complex configuration, performed din five planes;
  • fireplaces, windowsills, stairs, cornices, plinths, columns, handholds, railing posts, table tops…

The venture performs the following building and construction works:

  • internal decoration of rooms with natural-stone articles;
  • outside dressing of buildings and constructions, including the arrangement of ventilated facades;
  • assembly of granite elements of improvement, paving.
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